Talks + Writing

  • SXSW 2020

    Panel: Crafting Inclusive Mobility, 2020 (postponed)

    Traveling is often uncomfortable. Taking the subway in a new city, navigating airports, the anxieties of flying and sharing a ride with strangers to save money. Getting from point A to B can be overwhelming for everyone. But for women and minorities in particular, these already tense situations can be infinitely worse. This panel will focus on the challenges that vulnerable passengers face while navigating rideshare, public transit, and air travel. It will explore how we’re using design to tackle these issues as we inch toward the age of autonomy. link

  • Elpha

    Office Hours with Jenny Arden, 2020

    Elpha is an online community where women in tech talk candidly online. Jenny Arden held a special "Office Hours" forum to answer questions about creating a vision, brand, design strategy, and leading teams. link

  • Designer News AMA

    Ask Me Anything with Jenny Arden, 2020

    Designer News is a community of people in design and technology. Jenny Arden held a special Ask Me Anything to share her knowledge of design, product thinking, and leadership. link

  • Fortune | Wallpaper*

    Interview: Brainstorm Design, 2019

    A People-first Approach To Innovation. Fortune's Maithreyi Seetharaman interviews Jenny Arden, Director of Transportation, Airbnb. link

  • Dezeen + McKinsey Design

    Panel: McKinsey & Company on the business value of design, 2018

    Dezeen's founder Marcus Fairs joined management consultancy McKinsey & Company in New York to launch its report The Business Value of Design, which demonstrates how design can help businesses thrive. Fairs spoke to McKinsey partners Ben Sheppard and John Edson, alongside Airbnb director of design Jenny Arden, Local Projects creative director Elvira Barriga and WeWork senior design director Adam Koogler about how design can drive success in business. link

  • San Francisco Design Week

    Panel: How Are Designers Changing Cities?, 2018

    For San Francisco Design Week 2018, Yelp hosted a lightning talk and panel event centered on the impact that designers have on urban landscapes. link

  • Adobe 99U

    Interview: Jenny Arden Look for Dark Horses and Misfits, 2018

    The Airbnb user experience design manager unpacks how Airbnb is designing for the superhost, what her team is learning offline that they are applying online, and how the line between design and business is so blurry these days she can’t even see it... link

  • idealog

    Interview: Podcast with Jenny Arden, 2018

    Airbnb's user design experience manager Jenny Arden on how good design can build trust, the age of the designer founder and more. link

  • Better by Design CEO Summit 2018

    Talk: How to design your design team Dark horses and misfits, 2018

    Founded by designers, Airbnb has always been a design led company. But just like any startup, knowing who to hire and what roles to prioritise as your company grows becomes increasingly complex and vital for staying ahead. Jenny Arden will explore how to “design a design team” from small to large and the latest organizational trends for building a world class in-house design discipline. link

  • Delight Conference

    Talk: Building Belonging, 2016

    Airbnb's user design experience manager Jenny Arden on how good design can build trust, the age of the designer founder and more. link

  • Airbnb Design Blog

    Writing: Co-designing with hosts at Airbnb, 2016

    How collaboration with Airbnb's host community helped shape Airbnb's new mobile experience. link


    Interview: A documentary film by invision - directed by Catalyst, 2015

    A documentary by InVision about the rise of the product designer and the importance of design at the most significant companies of our time. Featuring designers from Airbnb, Twitter, Google, and more! link

  • Google FORM Conference

    Talk: Innovation + Invention, 2014

    What is it like to design a product that has never existed before? This talk is about the tension inherent in creating innovative design while simultaneously inventing the future. link